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Illumination Dance + Jive4All two room freestyle dates for 2020

11 Jan 2020
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Illumination Dance + Jive4All two room freestyle dates for 2020

Illumination plus Jive4All two-room freestyle promotional image

We’re delighted to continue our Illumination Dance + Jive4All two room freestyle collaboration with DanceXcess this year with regular dates in Cambridge lined up throughout 2020!

Illumination plus Jive4All features a main expressive-style room run by DanceXcess plus an added up-tempo Modern Jive room run by the friendly and inclusive Jive4All team, ideal for those who love to dance to both music styles and perfect for those new to expressive dancing who want to give it a try in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Jive4All’s collaboration with local independent dance club DanceXcess started in 2019, adding an up-tempo room to DanceXcess’s regular expressive freestyle, ‘Illumination’ at Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge. Our first joint events were very popular, with high volumes of dancers in both rooms throughout the evening. We received very positive feedback from dancers who attended our first event:

“Was a great night, well worth the drive, looking forward to next time”

“Great first time for me but well worth the 140 mile round trip, can’t wait to do it again”

“2 rooms worked great and hope it can be done again “

See below for details and the list of dates for 2020. Note some are Fridays and some are Saturdays.

The details:

Location: Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge CB3 1AA

2020 Dates:

Saturday 25th January

Saturday 22nd February

Friday 24th April

Friday 22nd May

Friday 26th June

Friday 24th July

Friday 21st August

Friday 25th September

Friday 23rd October

Friday 20th November

Friday 18th December

Time: 20.00 until midnight

Price: £10. Buy at the door with cash on entry.

More about Illumination Dance:

Illumination Dance is a new concept for the Cambridge and St Albans, Bedworth, Harlow and Leicester areas where we aim to play music which teases your inner dancer to come out. You may be looking for something a little more chilled, lyrical or expressive, enabling you to dance more musically to what you hear. We welcome dancers that want to explore musical expression, and enjoy music that is always interesting and occasionally challenging. You’ll find dancers of all levels of experience and ability, with the common aim that they enjoy dancing to good music.

Find out more about Illumination:

More about Jive4All:

Cambridge not-for-profit Modern Jive club Jive4All explicitly promotes an inclusive culture, and we encourage our members to make everyone feel welcome. As such the culture is to accept any dance as long as you feel comfortable. Equally, we believe that a dancer’s gender is not relevant to their choice of dance role: core to our ethos is that you choose whether you learn to lead, follow, or both!

We hope to see you there!

Much dance love,

The Jive4All committee