About Us

Jive4All is a small, not-for-profit community organisation run by a committee of volunteers who met through the Modern Jive dance scene in Cambridge.

Why Jive4All?

There have been movements to degender dance roles in various forms of partner dance such as Ballroom and West Coast Swing, but Modern Jive has a long way to go. The committee all believe that dance roles should not be decided by gender and felt that this was not addressed sufficiently in the existing Modern Jive scene and so decided to set up Jive4All to do something about it! At Jive4All, all mention of gender is removed from dance roles and the names of dance moves. The decision of whether a dancer will lead or follow in class and whether they would like to dance either or both roles in freestyle is left completely up to each individual. We actively encourage everyone to try out both roles both for fun and for the enrichment of their dance skills.The degendering of dance makes it more inclusive to everyone – and that is important to us at Jive4All. We encourage our members to make everyone feel welcome and as such the culture is to accept any dance as long as you feel comfortable.